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A Throwback video of the JDM Sport Nissan 370Z before ALL the major overhaul! PDF Print E-mail
AJDMParts.com TEAM | Friday, 27 January 2012 23:48

Thanks to our friends over at the AdvanSpec Network (www.Facebook.com/AdvanSpec) for this throwback video of the JDM Sport Nissan 370z before the major overhaul. It is now the NEW JDM Sport Nissan 370z TWIN-TURBO Edition. (Efren Built). AdvanSpec Network will be posting up new videos of this beast soon! We can't wait!


Authorized DEALER for VIS Racing Sports PDF Print E-mail
AJDMParts.com TEAM | Friday, 27 January 2012 23:31

AdvancedJDMParts.com (AJDMParts.com) is proud to announce we are now AUTHORIZED DEALERS for VIS Racing Sports products.

Including ALL body kits, carbon fiber hoods, trunks, body parts, and accessories. You can check out our current available items online by clicking on the

VIS Racing Sports image below! Check back as we will continually update on online inventory of VIS Racing Sports products.



JDM "Suichuuka" Bubble Shift Knobs aka "DILDO" Shifters - where'd they come from? PDF Print E-mail
AdvancedJDMParts.com | Thursday, 26 January 2012 22:41

Since we added the new 9K Racing line of "Bubble" aka "DILDO" shift knobs / shifters - we thought we'd share this article about these popular JDM shift knobs. Article courtesy of our friends at JDM Sport.

"What are these unusual shift knobs that are so popular in the JDM lifestyle and automotive scene? Did someone just decide to make these "dildo"-looking shifters for fun? How'd they become part of the JDM scene? Well, JDM Sport will answer this for you.

Those who have visited Japan, where the TRUE and REAL JDM lives may be lucky ti see authentic "DILDO" shifters. In your travels in Japan they can be found in a Super Autobacs in Japan but moreso in a any Truck parts store. Many truckers love these Bubble aka "DILDO" shift knobs. Apart from their novelty design it is useful for truckers in helping to find gears in the gearbox. Due to the length of these elongated shifters - it does help out in shifting the many gears in a trucker's gearbox. Aside from the various sizes, they come in amazing colorful designs. The more special ones come with special designs and ornaments encased in the shift knob itself. With ornaments of trinkets, toys, and flower blossoms, you can see how the Japanese made this part of the JDM scene.

The history of this randomly POPULAR JDM auto part started over 30+ years ago when a few creative Japanese parts makers decided to encase dried small flowers and blooms in resin shift knobs. Where the TRUE traditional JDM name is derived from "suichuuka". If translated means "Sui" - "Water, "Chuu" - "Inside", "Ka" - "Flower".

JDM enthusiasts from all over the world search for these encased dried small flowers and bloom designs. Amongst the other bubble, "dildo", glitzy glitter trapped, novelty toys, laser cut, diamond cut tops, multicolor swirls - the "cherry blossom" design is the most sought after.

Majority of JDM Bubble / "DILDO" Shifters come thread sizes for Toyota and Nissan vehicles but adapters can be bought as well. So don't worry - everybody can be happy with a "DILDO" shifter!

So it's JDM - Drifters use them? Answer is yes and no. For most part these long shifters may hurt the gear box in performance vehicles like this under heavy use because you may miss a gear and ruin it. Although, some Drifters stray from them, the ones that do LOVE them and wouldn't do it any other way. They have to train themselves and be VERY careful in shifting however.

So, hope this answers your questions about JDM Bubble aka "DILDO" shift knobs JDM Sport fans. Until the next one!"

JDM Sport (JDM Sport.com)

Krispy Kreme Meet 2012 "THE ORIGINAL" FIRST MEET hosted by Elite AutoSports PDF Print E-mail
AdvancedJDMParts.com | Wednesday, 25 January 2012 23:47

Coverage courtesy of our affiliates of the AdvanSpec Network:

JDM Sport x Firm400 - Thanks!

"Krispy Kreme Tuesdays...one may say it was one of the first TRUE enthusiasts meets of ALL types of vehicles in the West Coast. One may call it the one that started it all. But here at JDM Sport we know it is TRUELY a MEET of EPIC proportions.

Creating a buzz since early 2007 it has become a So-Cal phenomenon reaching outside it's boundaries. The Krispy Kreme Meet has brought cars from out of state! That's how EPIC this meet truely is. And not only does it cater to "Imports" BUT you'll catch ANY and EVERY type of vehicle here. This is what makes this MEET so unique...and truely elite.

Luckily, JDM Sport's HQ is in the West Coast. Industry, California to be exacty - under AJP Distributors. We get to see ALL kinds of vehicles from high end exotics, luxuries, customs, imports, euros, domestics, muscle - you name it! It's part of the culture that is "California" or moreso "So-Cal". Setting trends and some just creating trends is part of the automotive scene down here. And to be TRUE enthusiasts you have to enjoy ALL types of cars and not just one. And that's what JDM Sport is all about - even though we are about the JDM Sport Lifestyle and produce parts specifically for imports. We all enjoy CARS...all types of cars. And that's what Elite AutoSports the Krispy Kreme Tuesdays host is all about.

We won't go into specifics of how it all started but you can read more about it via our affiliates over at www.ImportFashion.com at the link below. BUT Elite AutoSports has always stood for the enthusiasts BY the enthusiasts. Associating their brand with VERY grass roots and TRUE enthusiasts events, you can see why there is such a support for the Krispy Kreme Tuesdays.

Upon rolling up to the Krispy Kreme Tuesdays dubbed KKT First Meet of 2012 "THE ORIGINAL". We were welcomed by TONS of vehicles already parked on the far lot furthest away from Krispy Kreme. (This was 8:30PM). JDM Sport support was definitely present as we saw many vehicles displaying JDM Sport products AND the JDM Sport decal. There were also a few sporting JDM Sport SWAG / Gear! Along with Firm400's Claim H. we cruised the parking lot taking video coverage at how EPIC this first 2012 Meet truely was. We caught up with AdvanSpec Network's Sal B., Lena Love, Roxy Ayala, John Y., Kyoshi Photos, Low N' Slow Mike, Team Nuisance, and continued our tour of the EPIC Meet.

All types of vehicles, as ALWAYS, from EXOTICS, Luxuries, Sport Compacts, Imports, Customs, DUBS, and more. As promised this MEET did not disappoint - if you were a fan of CARS, you definitely needed to be here!

As mentioned the farthest lot was full. Then when you came to the Krispy Kreme Lot and the one in front of Best Buys - that was full as well! This was EXTREMELY exciting to seen an outpour of support from so many So-Cal enthusiasts (And EVEN some OUTSIDE OF). We've spotted many local major crews, well-known figures and rides, and brands come out to support too. Aside from JDM Sport, there was Queen Drifter Melissa Miller, Jose Romo of 1UP, AdvanSpec Network's Sal B., Roxy Ayala, Lena Love, Bojix, Fatlace/Illest, HIN, Adams Motorsports Park, AimGain U.S., 3T Motorsports, Sonic Electronix, Rockford Fosgate, Low N' Slow, Nokturnal, Swift, TEAM Hate, AA Autoworks, Firm400, UM Works, Team Nuisance, 1UP, VIS Racing, SEIBON, Falken, Kumho, and of course Jeremy Lee of Elite AutoSports, just to name a few. So MANY that it was basically a "CAR SHOW".

As time passed the other lots including up to where Target was filling up. EASILY spectators was over 1000+ and CARS were probably the same. Believe us when we say this event was EPIC and we continue to support such a great and unbelievable event like Krispy Kreme Tuesdays hosted by Elite AutoSports! Thank you for having us and we support you as always! We'll let you enjoy the coverage now courtesy of Firm400 (Firm400.com for MORE photos and coverage.) Videos to be posted soon!"

- JDM Sport (JDMSport.com / www.Facebook.com/JDMSport)

- Firm400 (Firm400.com / www.Facebook.com/Firm400) Photos

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